Eating Corpses For Food And Intrinsics

Based on the table by Catherine Darrow.
Compiled for NetHack 3.4.3 by David Corbett.
Last changed 7 July, 2004.


This spoiler details the nutrition, intrinsics and other effects of eating corpses.

Table of monsters and intrinsics

Name Nutrition Initial effectsFinal effectsIntrinsics
abbot 400 Human Hallucination  
acid blob 10 V! Acidic    
acolyte 400 Human    
aligned priest 400 Human    
ape 500      
apprentice 400 Human    
Arch Priest 400 Human    
archeologist 400 Human    
attendant 400 Human    
baby black dragon 500      
baby blue dragon 500      
baby crocodile 200      
baby gray dragon 500      
baby green dragon 500 Poisonous    
baby long worm 250      
baby orange dragon 500      
baby purple worm 250      
baby red dragon 500      
baby silver dragon 500      
baby white dragon 500      
baby yellow dragon 500 Acidic    
baluchitherium 800      
barbarian 400 Human    
Name Nutrition Initial effectsFinal effectsIntrinsics
bat 20   Stun (30)  
black dragon 1500     Disintegration: 100%
black naga 400 Acidic   Poison: 53%
black naga hatchling 100 Acidic   Poison: 20%
black pudding 250 Acidic   Cold: 22%, Shock: 22%, Poison: 22%
black unicorn 300     Poison: 27%
blue dragon 1500     Shock: 100%
blue jelly 20 V!     Cold: 13%, Poison: 13%
brown mold 30 V!     Cold: 3%, Poison: 3%
brown pudding 250 V Acidic   Cold: 11%, Shock: 11%, Poison: 11%
bugbear 250      
captain 400 Human    
carnivorous ape 550      
cave spider 50     Poison: 7%
caveman 400 Human    
cavewoman 400 Human    
centipede 50     Poison: 13%
chameleon 100   Polymorph  
chickatrice 10 Petrify   Poison: 27%
chieftain 400 Human    
Chromatic Dragon 1700 Poisonous   Fire: 17%, Cold: 17%, Sleep: 17%, Shock: 17%, Poison: 17%, Disintegration: 17%
cobra 100 Poisonous   Poison: 40%
cockatrice 30 Petrify   Poison: 33%
Name Nutrition Initial effectsFinal effectsIntrinsics
coyote 250      
crocodile 400      
Croesus 400 Human    
Cyclops 700   Strength  
Death 1 DIE    
dingo 200      
disenchanter 200      
dog 200 Aggravate    
doppelganger 400 Human Polymorph  
dwarf 300 Dwarf    
dwarf king 300 Dwarf    
dwarf lord 300 Dwarf    
electric eel 250     Shock: 47%
elf 350 Elf   Sleep: 67%
elf-lord 350 Elf   Sleep: 53%
Elvenking 350 Elf   Sleep: 60%
ettin 500      
Famine 1 DIE    
fire ant 10     Fire: 20%
fire giant 750   Strength Fire: 30%
flesh golem 600     Fire: 12%, Cold: 12%, Sleep: 12%, Shock: 12%, Poison: 12%
floating eye 10     Telepathy: 100%
Name Nutrition Initial effectsFinal effectsIntrinsics
forest centaur 600      
fox 250      
frost giant 750   Strength Cold: 33%
gargoyle 200      
garter snake 60      
gecko 20      
gelatinous cube 150 V! Acidic   Fire: 10%, Cold: 10%, Sleep: 10%, Shock: 10%
giant 750   Strength  
giant ant 10      
giant bat 30   Stun (60)  
giant beetle 10 Poisonous   Poison: 33%
giant eel 250      
giant mimic 500   Mimic (50)  
giant rat 30      
giant spider 100 Poisonous   Poison: 33%
glass piercer 300      
gnome 100 Gnome    
gnome king 150 Gnome    
gnome lord 120 Gnome    
gnomish wizard 120 Gnome    
goblin 100      
golden naga 400     Poison: 67%
Name Nutrition Initial effectsFinal effectsIntrinsics
golden naga hatchling 100     Poison: 20%
Grand Master 400 Human    
gray dragon 1500      
gray ooze 250 V Acidic   Fire: 7%, Cold: 7%, Poison: 7%
gray unicorn 300     Poison: 27%
green dragon 1500 Poisonous   Poison: 100%
green mold 30 V! Acidic    
green slime 150 V Slime, Poisonous, Acidic    
Green-elf 350 Elf   Sleep: 33%
gremlin 20 Poisonous   Poison: 33%
Grey-elf 350 Elf   Sleep: 40%
guard 400 Human    
guardian naga 400 Poisonous   Poison: 80%
guardian naga hatchling 100     Poison: 20%
guide 400 Human    
healer 400 Human    
hell hound 300     Fire: 80%
hell hound pup 200     Fire: 47%
high priest 400 Human    
hill giant 700   Strength  
hill orc 200      
Name Nutrition Initial effectsFinal effectsIntrinsics
Hippocrates 400 Human    
hobbit 200      
hobgoblin 200      
homunculus 100 Poisonous   Sleep: 7%, Poison: 7%
horse 300      
housecat 200 Aggravate    
human 400 Human    
hunter 400 Human    
ice troll 300     Cold: 60%
iguana 30      
imp 10      
iron piercer 300      
Ixoth 1600     Fire: 100%
jabberwock 600      
jackal 250      
jaguar 300      
jellyfish 20 Poisonous   Poison: 20%
Keystone Kop 200 Human    
killer bee 5 Poisonous   Poison: 30%
King Arthur 400 Human    
kitten 150 Aggravate    
knight 400 Human    
Name Nutrition Initial effectsFinal effectsIntrinsics
kobold 100 Poisonous    
kobold lord 200 Poisonous    
kobold shaman 150 Poisonous    
Kop Kaptain 200 Human    
Kop Lieutenant 200 Human    
Kop Sergeant 200 Human    
kraken 1000      
large cat 250 Aggravate    
large dog 250 Aggravate    
large kobold 150 Poisonous    
large mimic 400   Mimic (40)  
leocrotta 500      
leprechaun 30     Teleportitis: 50%
lichen 200 V!      
lieutenant 400 Human    
little dog 150 Aggravate    
lizard 40 Cure stoning Reduce stunning, confusion  
long worm 500      
Lord Carnarvon 400 Human    
Lord Sato 400 Human    
Lord Surtur 850   Strength Fire: 50%
Name Nutrition Initial effectsFinal effectsIntrinsics
lurker above 350      
lynx 300      
Master Assassin 400 Human    
Master Kaen 400 Human   Poison: 100%
master mind flayer 400   Intelligence: 50% Telepathy: (if no Intelligence gain)
Master of Thieves 400 Human    
mastodon 800      
Medusa 400 Petrify, Poisonous   Poison: 100%
mind flayer 400   Intelligence: 50% Telepathy: (if no Intelligence gain)
minotaur 700      
monk 400 Human    
monkey 50      
Mordor orc 200      
mountain centaur 500      
mountain nymph 300     Teleportitis: 30%
mumak 500      
neanderthal 400 Human    
Neferet the Green 400 Human    
newt 20   Energy: 67%  
ninja 400 Human    
Norn 400 Human    
nurse 400 Human Heal Poison: 73%
Name Nutrition Initial effectsFinal effectsIntrinsics
ochre jelly 20 V! Acidic    
ogre 500      
ogre king 750      
ogre lord 700      
Olog-hai 400      
Oracle 400 Human    
orange dragon 1500     Sleep: 100%
orc 150      
orc shaman 300      
orc-captain 350      
Orion 400 Human    
owlbear 700      
page 400 Human    
panther 300      
Pelias 400 Human    
Pestilence 1 DIE    
piranha 30      
pit viper 60 Poisonous   Poison: 40%
plains centaur 500      
pony 250      
priest 400 Human    
priestess 400 Human    
prisoner 400 Human    
Name Nutrition Initial effectsFinal effectsIntrinsics
purple worm 700      
pyrolisk 30     Fire: 20%, Poison: 20%
python 100      
quantum mechanic 20 Poisonous   Speed Toggle
quasit 200     Poison: 20%
queen bee 5 Poisonous   Poison: 60%
quivering blob 100 V!     Poison: 33%
rabid rat 5 Poisonous    
ranger 400 Human    
raven 20      
red dragon 1500     Fire: 100%
red mold 30 V!     Fire: 3%, Poison: 3%
red naga 400     Fire: 20%, Poison: 20%
red naga hatchling 100     Fire: 10%, Poison: 10%
rock mole 30      
rock piercer 200      
rock troll 300      
rogue 400 Human    
roshi 400 Human    
rothe 100      
rust monster 250      
salamander 400 Poisonous   Fire: 53%
samurai 400 Human    
Name Nutrition Initial effectsFinal effectsIntrinsics
sasquatch 750      
scorpion 100 Poisonous   Poison: 50%
Scorpius 350 Poisonous   Poison: 100%
sergeant 400 Human    
sewer rat 12      
Shaman Karnov 400 Human    
shark 350      
shopkeeper 400 Human    
shrieker 100 V!     Poison: 20%
silver dragon 1500      
small mimic 200   Mimic (20)  
snake 80 Poisonous   Poison: 27%
soldier 400 Human    
soldier ant 5 Poisonous   Poison: 20%
spotted jelly 20 V! Acidic    
stalker 400   Stun (60) Invisibility
stone giant 750   Strength  
storm giant 750   Strength Shock: 50%
student 400 Human    
tengu 200     Poison: 13%, Teleportitis: 20%, Teleport control: 17%
thug 400 Human    
tiger 300      
titan 900      
titanothere 650      
Name Nutrition Initial effectsFinal effectsIntrinsics
tourist 400 Human    
trapper 350      
troll 350      
Twoflower 400 Human    
umber hulk 500      
Uruk-hai 300      
valkyrie 400 Human    
vampire bat 20 Poisonous    
violet fungus 100 V!   Hallucination Poison: 20%
warg 350      
warhorse 350      
warrior 400 Human    
watch captain 400 Human    
watchman 400 Human    
water moccasin 80 Poisonous   Poison: 27%
water nymph 300     Teleportitis: 30%
water troll 350      
werejackal 400 Human, Poisonous   Lycanthropy: 100%
wererat 400 Human, Poisonous   Lycanthropy: 100%
werewolf 400 Human, Poisonous   Lycanthropy: 100%
white dragon 1500     Cold: 100%
white unicorn 300     Poison: 27%
Name Nutrition Initial effectsFinal effectsIntrinsics
winged gargoyle 300      
winter wolf 300     Cold: 47%
winter wolf cub 200     Cold: 33%
wizard 400 Human    
Wizard of Yendor 400 Human   Fire: 25%, Poison: 25%, Teleportitis: 25%, Teleport control: 25%
wolf 250      
wood nymph 300     Teleportitis: 30%
woodchuck 30      
Woodland-elf 350 Elf   Sleep: 27%
wraith 0   Gain level  
wumpus 500      
xan 300 Poisonous   Poison: 47%
xorn 700      
yellow dragon 1500 Acidic    
yellow mold 30 V! Poisonous Hallucination Poison: 7%
yeti 700     Cold: 33%
zruty 600      

Zombies and the like are not listed in this table, since technically a dwarf zombie doesn't leave a dwarf zombie corpse, it leaves an old dwarf corpse. Monsters that don't leave corpses at all are listed in a separate table.

The "Nutrition" column shows how many nutrition points are gained from eating a corpse.
The nutrition points from a tin varies on the type of tin: see Dylan O'Donnell's food spoiler for more details.
Those monsters marked 'V' are suitable for vegetarians. Those marked '!' are suitable for vegans.

Effects of eating corpses

Initial effects:

The "Initial effects" column shows the effects that occur on the first bite of a corpse.

Tinned food is eaten in one turn, so both initial and final effects (including intrinsic gains) happen on the same turn, the initial effects happening first.

AcidicAcidic corpses deal 1 to 15 damage to you if not acid-resistant. If turning to stone, you are cured.
Tins of acidic monsters deal no acid damage, but still stop you turning to stone.
Poisonous80% chance to deal 1 to 15 damage to you and reduce your strength by 1 to 4, if not poison-resistant.
Tins of monsters are not poisonous.
(Human, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome)
If you eat a member of your own race, and are not a Caveman, you gain aggravate monster and lose 2 to 5 luck.
AggravateEating this monster gives you aggravate monster. Orcs and Cavemen are exempt.
SlimeEating a green slime makes you begin turning into slime, killing you in 10 turns, unless you have unchanging or you are a green slime, a fire elemental, flaming sphere, fire vortex or salamander.
PetrifyEating a chickatrice, cockatrice or Medusa instantly petrifies you, unless stoning-resistant. If you are a golem, you become a stone golem, otherwise petrification kills you.
DIEEating Death, Famine or Pestilence instantly kills you.
Cure stoningEating lizard meat cures you if turning to stone.

Eating meat (those monsters not marked 'V' in the "Nutrition" column) results in a -1 penalty to alignment, if you are a Monk.

Final effects:

The "Final effects" column shows the effects that occur after finishing a corpse.

StunYou become stunned for the number of turns shown.
PolymorphYou change form, unless you have unchanging.
HallucinationYou hallucinate for 200 (more) turns.
MimicYou mimic a pile of gold (or an orange if hallucinating) for the number of turns shown (falling off your steed, if applicable), unless you have unchanging.
Reduce stunning, confusionEating a lizard reduces stunning and confusion counts to 2 turns, if higher.
StrengthEating a giant makes you gain strength, potentially as high as your racial maximum. (You can also gain an intrinsic at the same time, if appropriate.)
If you had less than 18 strength, then you have a 19/24 chance of gaining one point, or a 1/24 chance each of gaining 2 to 6 points.
If you had 18 strength or more, then you gain 1 to 10 points (equally likely).
If you had strength 18/85 or more, gain just one point, up to 18/**.
Intelligence Gain 1 intelligence.
Gain level Eating a wraith corpse makes you gain a level, unless the corpse rots away before you finish (which will happen, for instance, if you are interrupted while eating it).
EnergyEating a newt may give you 1 to 3 energy (100% chance if current energy is two-thirds or less of maximum energy). If this puts you above your maximum energy, you have a one-third chance to gain 1 maximum energy.
HealEating a nurse heals you to maximum hit points.


The "Intrinsics" column shows the intrinsics that can be gained after finishing a corpse, with their probability of being conferred.

Fire, Cold, Shock, Poison, Sleep, DisintegrationGain the corresponding resistance, with the probability shown.
Telepathy, Teleport Control, TeleportitisGain the corresponding intrinsic.
InvisibilityIf not already invisible, you become temporarily invisible, else you gain permanent invisibility and see invisible.
LycanthropyYou become a lycanthrope of the same kind as the corpse eaten.
Speed toggleIf you have intrinsic speed, you lose it. If you don't have it, you gain it.

The chances of receiving an intrinsic (e.g., poison: 33%) imply that eating the corpse has that chance of conferring the intrinsic (i.e., corpses that can give multiple intrinsics have already had that accounted for). If you already have one of the possible intrinsics from a corpse, the others do not become more likely. You will never gain more than one intrinsic from a corpse.

Tins of monsters confer intrinsics with the same probabilities as the corpses of the monster. Whether a corpse or tin is blessed or cursed has no effect on the chances.

For more information on the effects of intrinsics and the associated messages when gaining them, see Dylan O'Donnell's spoilers:
For the effects of fire, cold, shock, poison, sleep and disintegration resistance, see the dragon intrinsics spoiler.
For the effects of teleportitis, teleport control, see invisible, invisibility, and aggravate monster, see the ring intrinsics spoiler.
For the effects of speed, telepathy and lycanthropy, see the miscellaneous intrinsics spoiler.

Old and tainted corpses, and food poisoning

Corpses that have been left too long may give you food poisoning. For corpses other than lizards and lichen, the possibility of getting food poisoning from a corpse is as follows:

Food poisoning may be cured by:

Monsters not leaving corpses

air elemental Aleax Angel arch-lich Archon
Ashikaga Takauji Asmodeus Baalzebub balrog barbed devil
barrow wight black light bone devil clay golem couatl
Dark One demilich Demogorgon Dispater djinni
dust vortex earth elemental energy vortex erinys fire elemental
fire vortex flaming sphere fog cloud freezing sphere gas spore
Geryon ghost ghoul glass golem gold golem
grid bug hezrou horned devil ice devil ice vortex
incubus iron golem Juiblex ki-rin leather golem
lemure lich mail daemon manes marilith
master lich Minion of Huhetotl nalfeshnee Nalzok Nazgul
Orcus paper golem pit fiend rope golem sandestin
shade shocking sphere skeleton steam vortex stone golem
straw golem succubus Thoth Amon Vlad the Impaler vrock
water demon water elemental wood golem Yeenoghu yellow light


Original table of monsters and intrinsics by Catherine Darrow. (catherine[AT]tomandcatherine[DOT]com)
Dylan O'Donnell's spoilers on dragon, ring and miscellaneous intrinsics, and food.
Kate Nepveu's Demogorgon spoiler.

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